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Why join Cheap General Hardware?

Cheap Hardware is a fast growing start up with double digit growth month on month since our inception in June 2012.

We recognize that our growth is largely influenced by the professionalism and career growth of our employees which we have backed with best practices and effective knowledge transfer from across the globe.

We place value with diversifying knowledge within our organization as we consistently provide opportunities for staff to grow across different roles in the organization.

About The Team

Our teams are driven, dynamic and entrepreneurial. We excel in taking on challenges and solving problems that have never been solved before.

When you join us, you will have an opportunity to: help our Customers grow their businesses beyond their imagination, fight for our customers so they get the best deals and the widest assortment of products, contribute to the growth of the local economy and most of all, build the largest e-commerce company in Africa.

More importantly you will the have fun of working in an intense, challenging atmosphere and enjoying the sheer happiness as you surpass each and every milestone.


  • Our employees have access to a comprehensive health plan and lunch allowance.
  • Access to learning and growing your entrepreneurial abilities through our dynamic range of items we sell.
  • Competitive salary package.

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